Setting Up A Bar

When you are looking for a spot to hang out with your friends and colleagues, a bar can be a great idea. Bars and pubs are perfect hang out places to relax and unwind for the day. Also, some pubs and bars offer food as well as drinks. They provide the perfect environment to finish a busy day.

1. Basic Liquor Needs

You should try to meet everybody's like and preference by having all the liquor that can be ordered. There a few bars in portrush if you are looking to have a great time. The pub and bar have three main types of liquor. The cheap liquor which is served to customers who don't order a drink using the name.

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The second is the call liquor. This is served to people who know the name of the drink they would prefer. The third class of liquor is the top-shelf liquor. This type of liquor is the most expensive, and it's served depending on the preference of the customer. Additionally, you need to stock up with wine, beer, and liqueurs.

2. Glasses

You can't be operating a pub or bar and not have glasses. You need to have enough glasses all the time. Always get enough glasses that can serve your pub if every seat was occupied. This gives you the allowance to be flexible if a glass gets broken during working hours. Additionally, ensure that you have all types of glasses to serve the drinks.

3. Furniture And Equipment

When starting a bar, you need to have enough furniture and equipment. Don't be in a hurry to save money, and you end up buying something that's not worth your money. Invest wisely in anything you want to buy.

Get an under the bar sink for the bartenders to wash their hands, have an ice machine, a scoop, an ice bin, beer barrels, and draught beers. Ensure that your bar has the basic needs to make the running of the pub smooth and easy.

4. Electronics And Technology

When you are operating a bar or a pub, you need to have great electronics and technology. If you are operating a pub or a bar where most of your customers come during game hours. Then you might consider investing in a great TV and sound system to attract more customers.

Also, you will require a great point of sale system to process the daily transactions. The system should be designed for use in a bar or restaurant. This helps you keep your daily transactions on record and help determine if you are making profit or loss.

5. What Kind Of Staff Would You Need In A Pub Or Bar?

- Bartender

The bartender usually stands at the counter and serves drinks to the people near the counter. Additionally, when you place your order and move to the table, they ensure that a waitress or waiter knows where to find you.

- Waitress/ Waiter

This is the people who bring drinks to your table. They spend most of the night and day on their feet serving drinks and answering your questions.

- Manager

The manager is in charge of the pub or bar. They ensure everything runs smoothly and report to you in case of any problem.


If you want to take the risk of opening a pub or bar, you need to have the basic knowledge of what you might need. This helps you come up with a budget on all the things you can buy and manage your finances.